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   Welcome All Postal Mailbox Users,

      The Smart Talking Postal Mailbox (SM) will automatically take a picture of the inside of the subscribers designated postal mailbox right after that days very important postal mail or package(s) arrive and then forward that picture to the user's e-mail address or mobile phone! The user's of this new service could select to have a pre-recorded automated phone call sent to them or a simple text message saying: "You Have Postal Mail" SM.
    The Smart Talking Postal Mailbox (SM) will allow the following to occur for the first time in the United States of America's postal mail history and the world's postal mail history.

   #1. Real-time automated interactive electronic incoming postal mail and package notification for all postal mailboxes.
   #2. Real-time electronic anti-theft and anti-crime prevention measures for postal mail, packages and all postal mailboxes.
   #3. Real-time electronic identity theft prevention measures for postal mail and packages.
   #4. Automation of your postal mailbox, Now you will be able to see exactly when or if your postal mail or packages arrive each day inside your postal mailbox.
   #5. The World's 1st internet connected postal mailboxes. 

   In the following pages of our web site, we invite you to learn more about the benefits of The Smart Talking Postal Mailbox (SM) and how this great contribution towards "The Internet of Things" will change all of our lives for the better! 

You Have Postal Mail  SM
Bringing All

Postal Mailboxes Into

The 21st Century  SM


Your World

Totally Connected  SM

Postal Mail Call  SM SM

Projected Availability: 2014
Phone Us Toll Free Today For More Info: 1-844-697-6782 (1-844-MyPostalMailbox)  


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